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Aside from my personal guides, I have some favorite ascended master guides that I talk to all the time and ask for strength from. Archangel Michael and Ganesh are two of my favorites because they have such strong, masculine energy, that they always make me feel safe. I have problems with anxiety and those two help me in different ways, Michael making me feel safe, and Ganesh planting my feet into the ground so that I can have confidence.

This is close to how I see Michael

I see Archangel Michael around me a few times each day in the form of a blue orb that sort of glows and flickers like a lantern for a couple of seconds before it fades away. There were a couple of times that I saw him in physical form in my bedroom, which was really cool. The first time I saw him was probably about a year ago. I woke up in the morning and saw big man legs standing next to my bed. They were covered in armor and there was a big sword next to the legs. I froze. I seriously thought there was some sort of viking murder in my room. My brain was searching for the reason I was seeing this and someone said to me, “Remember that Michael has a sword.” I got really excited and immediately sat up to see him, but then he vanished. After this visit from him I felt really connected to him, and still do. I have seen him in physical form two other times since then, but for the most part I just see him as blue lights. I am hoping to be able to see him clearly all the time someday.

I call on Michael whenever I feel scared or unsafe for any reason. I always feel him swoop down behind me and guard me fiercely. I almost get the sensation that he brings fire with him. I wish there was an image of him that actually looks like him. Every image I find either makes him look like a little boy (old catholic imagery) or like Fabio (yuck).

Lord Ganesha aka Ganesh

My connection with Ganesh isn’t as strong on a daily basis, but when I call on him to help me “plow through” a day, a situation, or whatever else, I find that he helps me to be very strong and heavy in my feet, which I mean in a good way. I am mostly ungrounded, and he is amazing at rooting  your feet right into the earth to help you stand your ground and move swiftly on the physical plane.

I have met him in meditation a couple of times, and unlike the stoic Archangel Michael, he has a great sense of humor. During a meditation class led by my friend Karen, we all went into a deep meditation in which we were meeting with a guide of ours and giving them a wish for them to help us manifest. When I got to my guide I found that it was Ganesh who was waiting there for me, all big and jovial. I asked him to help me lose weight, and he grabbed his big belly and patted it, and said “What, you don’t want to look like me?” and he rolled back laughing, sort of like Laughing Buddha, with kindness and joy in his eyes. Then he put his hands on my shoulders and told me that I was beautiful and that he would be happy to help me with any of my desires related to the physical realm.


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